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Table manners ppt

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Wait for host/hostess to tell you where to sit. 4. It is acceptable to burp or sneeze at the table, as long as you cover your mouth. At Home 3.

It was an interactive.


– A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as an HTML5 slide show) on PowerShow.


There will be no homework today.

Rest the hand you are not using in your lap.

Keep bites small. Wait to begin eating until everyone is seated at the table and has been served their meal. Keep your smartphone off the table and set to silent or vibrate. Table manners from English speaking culture Presented by--- Tina Tseng Patty Chang 10 30 07 Outline Opening General Table manners (similarities) American.

The PowerPoint and lecture notes are located on the USB provided with the Adult 101 Library Binder. Basically, that’s all you need to know about passing etiquette at the dinner table. 100%.

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You should excuse yourself from the table to remove a bone from your mouth.

. PowerPoint Presentation (5-10 minutes) This PowerPoint presentation is optional, but really useful! Use this for a formal presentation or keep it informal and use PowerPoint lecture notes as talking points without the slides.

Remain standing until host/hostess tells everyone to sit down. 7.


. This presentation walks a class through a 20-question Table Manners Quiz.


Feb 9, 2018 · Always scoop food, using the proper utensil, away from you.


. You can use this lovely Social Skills: Table Manners PowerPoint to show children how best to behave when eating at the table. Can you help John learn table manners? 3 Today some table manners you will teach. ppt chart chart ppt elements analysis element step architecture statistics market process.

Wipe your mouth with napkin when necessary. . Hope is useful for you ;). .

Table manners for kids.

they help us to be civil to one another. 1450 results. Elegant slide deck enhanced with brightly colored chairs arranged around round.